Shipping Policy :

When purchasing a product, we will send you the tracking number within 1 to 3 days

Product is shipped through the fastest and cheapest shipping company that supports your country or region

Here are the main shipping companies we deal with:




and other

The product is expected to arrive in 15 to 30 days

Some products may take less than a week to arrive

Shipping rates vary from country to country and from one product to another

Return Policy :

1- This policy is for products purchased and paid for within our store (shopworldoffers)

2- This policy has nothing to do with products purchased outside our store (shopworldoffers)
Like Amazon and Ebay, we are not responsible for other store policies, so we recommend reviewing other store policies before making a purchase
This policy is subject to change at any time so be sure to review it from time to time

3- We offer two kinds of products
The first type: products for global stores such as Amazon and Ebay and others where you are directed to those
Stores to buy the product We are not responsible for the policy of those stores

The second type: Products specific to our store where you buy and pay for products within our store (shopworldoffers) This policy concerns the second type

4- Our return policy is:

We deal with several suppliers worldwide and all products are refundable if our supplier accepts refunds

That is, if you have purchased a product but want to return it for any reason, all you have to do is contact us

We will look into requesting a return of the product. If the supplier accepts the return, we will return the money you paid and the product will be returned to the supplier.

If the supplier does not accept returns, we will return the money you paid and the product will remain yours

In other words, if you bought a product for example (headphones) and you want to return them, but our supplier does not accept return, you can keep (headphones) in addition to your money back Full paid

contact information :
Contact us via email
Or through whatsapp : +970569462372

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